A look back at our ISO 50001 experience testimony from Nicolas Tavares

Nicolas Tavares

ISO 50001 certified since 2017, a look back at these 5 years of certification.

Nicolas Tavares, Maintenance and Energy Manager at Clayens NP, explains the certification process and the benefits it offers to the Clayens NP group.

The basis of this certification is a reflection that all companies have had for many years on improving energy performance, how to consume better?

Accompanied by AFNOR, in less than a year we put together the file to be certified 50001. The certification process took place in three stages:

- Firstly, the decision was taken to be certified in order to continue our CSR approach.

- Secondly, we became aware of the importance of having a structured energy management system in line with ISO 50001.

- Thirdly, the decision was taken to deploy an EMS (Energy Management System) throughout our group with the feedback from our CLAYENS NP certification.


Following the certification:

- Our organisation changed, energy management was placed under the responsibility of the "Director of Maintenance, HSE and Group Energy", the maintenance managers became the site energy referents by virtue of their position, a person was appointed "energy referent" in the group purchasing department for better purchasing/technical synergy, a "maintenance and energy" project manager was recruited to steer CLAYENS NP certification, to help NP GERMANY and to deploy an EMS throughout the group,

- Implementation of PROREFEI training for several maintenance managers and HSE technicians to strengthen technical skills on the sites.

Our means of measuring our consumption have also evolved:

- Obtaining ISO 50001 certification enabled us to obtain a grant which was invested in a metering plan the following year to better manage our consumption and continue to be certified. From zero to 32 meters, constant measurement of 75% of our consumption.

- We also equipped our shops and warehouses with LEDs 

- Implementation of a reference consumption (because depending on the press, the material injected, the cycle time, etc.) consumption differs, which is complicated to quantify.

- We make all the group's employees aware of good energy use practices


Our strengths:

- We have learned to control our energy with a structured methodology.

- We are no longer going blindly forward thanks to our metering plan.

- We have acquired real skills and solid expertise in this area.

- Energy management is an integral part of our thinking on our existing and new equipment/buildings.

- We have better control of energy costs, which are a significant cost item in our budget.

- We limit the explosion of the energy market as much as possible.


An opening to CSR:

- Controlling energy means taking care of the environment.

- Reducing our impact and consuming intelligently leads to a stable global ecosystem.

- This approach has recently become part of a more global approach to controlling and reducing our carbon footprint on scopes 1 and 2.

- The first lever for reducing GHG emissions is to reduce our energy consumption.


To date, we have already saved 3.5 GWh!