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Plastronics development: Clayens NP and NGK partners

As part of our development works on plastronics Clayens NP and NGK are partnering.

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Monday 30 November 2020

Technologies of Clayens NP

A full range of trades and multi-technological solutions to meet our customers' needs.


Location of Clayens NP

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Clayens NP group

Present in France, Germany, Eastern Europe, North Africa and Mexico.

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Clayens NP Group is able to guide his customers from project phase to production, in a wide range of markets. A wide range of skills are offered: Processing of high performance Thermoplastic and Thermoset materials; Working wire (cutting, forming, etc.) and Flat MetalsElectronics, plastronics, beamsAn optimal geographical location in France, Germany, Eastern Europe, North Africa, Mexico to help you in yours projects achievement.

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Some figures

The new figures of Clayens NP.

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R&D sintex np


Innovation and development targeted to market needs.

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Clayens NP managers and employees are totally committed to the Group's Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental policy and benefit from the various means deployed for its implementation.

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