aerospace et defense


The Clayens Group has gained the confidence of major companies in this highly demanding area of aeronautics by producing parts for a variety of applications, such as fluid  lines, engine components, closing systems, hatches or aircraft interior equipment.


The group's longstanding reputation and reliability have enable it to become a recognized supplier of engineering components for the aeronautical and defense industries.

Aeronautics and Defense


Locations : Aerospace & Defense

NP Capelec

Zone Artisanale Actipole
2 rue du Grand Murin
35540 Miniac Morvan


2, Avenue Lionel Terray - Z.I.
TEL : 04 78 04 70 70

NP Plastibell North

Blvd. San Pedro
S/N Parque Industrial Ferropuerto Torreón,
Coahuila México, CP 27400 – México

NP Plastibell West

Carretera internacional km. 1969 Guadalajara-Nogales km-2,
Parque Industrial Bellavista - Edificio #25
CP. 85430 - Empalme, Sonora, Mexico