NADCAP Reaccreditation

"Nadcap is an industry-led approach to conformity assessment that brings together technical experts from industry and government to define accreditation criteria, accredit suppliers and specify operational programme requirements. It provides a standardised approach to quality assurance and a reduction in unnecessary audits across the aerospace sector because prime contractors, suppliers and government representatives have joined forces to develop a programme that

  • Establishes rigorous, consensus-based industry standards that meet the requirements of all participants
  • Replaces routine supplier audits with an approved audit following a consensus decision-making process among members of the user community
  • Performs technically superior and more in-depth audits of critical processes
  • Improves supplier quality across the industry through rigorous criteria
  • Reduces costs through improved standardisation
  • Uses expert auditors to ensure technical knowledge of processes
  • Provides more frequent audits for members, fewer for suppliers"



In July 2021, Clayens NP obtained the renewal of its certification:


Scope of accreditation Nadcap Aerospace NonDestructive Testing