CLAYENS NP, through its subsidiary AIP, acquires the company PIT, specialised in precision machining


Chassieu, 30th april 2021,


CLAYENS NP, through its subsidiary AIP, acquires the company PIT, specialised in precision machining


AIP, a subsidiary of the CLAYENS NP group, has finalised the acquisition of PIT, a company specialising in the machining of technical materials.


Founded in 1983 in the Lyon region, PIT has always specialised in the machining of technical parts in aluminium, carbon, thermosets and thermoplastics. The expertise acquired by PIT enables it to address a diversified clientele operating in very demanding sectors such as aerospace, defence, car racing, electronics, etc.

With nearly 40 employees, PIT recorded a turnover of €6.4m in 2020. Positioned in low-cyclical markets, the company has demonstrated great resilience since the first containment in March 2020.


The CLAYENS NP group, founded in 1931, is today one of the European leaders in the processing of advanced polymers, composites and precision metal parts, with a turnover of €320 million and more than 3,300 employees in 23 plants in Europe, North Africa and Mexico. The group provides tailored solutions to each of its customers in all sectors of activity. Since October 2019, CLAYENS NP has been supported in its development by a pool of financial investors led by SIPAREX.


AIP, a subsidiary of Clayens NP, is a leading player on a European scale in the processing of plastics and composite materials by machining, injection and thermoforming, mainly for the aeronautics and health sectors.


The merger of AIP and PIT will strengthen the machining division of the CLAYENS NP group, and in particular complete its know-how in aluminium and carbon machining. The new division will benefit from enhanced industrial and human resources to further support its customers in France and abroad.


Following this acquisition, Mr Laurent MAES, manager of AIP, becomes Director of PIT.


Eric Pisani, CEO of CLAYENS NP group: "The acquisition of PIT will enable CLAYENS NP to strengthen its machining division, built around its subsidiary AIP, by completing its know-how in order to facilitate its development. PIT will benefit from CLAYENS NP's support functions (R&D, purchasing, etc.) to consolidate and expand its customer base and product range. "


Laurent Maes, Director of AIP & PIT : " PIT's know-how will enable us to meet our customers' demand for plastic products integrating aluminium, carbon and thermosetting parts, to meet the growing demand for rationalisation and concentration of supplier panels and to diversify our respective sectors of activity.


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