The 2snd March 2020 : SINTEX NP becomes CLAYENS NP

With 90 years of history, we grew from assembly of small electrical equipment to become the European leader in the transformation of high performance polymers and the production of metal-plastic components; NIEF, NIEF PLASTIC, SINTEX NP, and today CLAYENS NP...

A new page is turned but the philosophy and basics remain.

Only a few months after changing shareholders with the arrival of a pool of investors led by SIPAREX, the group changed its name to CLAYENS NP.

"CLAYENS of course refers to clay: an ancestral material used in many trades, with properties similar to those of plastics," says Eric Pisani, C.E.O. of CLAYENS NP.

This name change also coincides with a change in the international development strategy. Firmly established in Europe and North Africa, CLAYENS NP has just set up in Mexico and the group wishes to make North America a growth driver for the years to come. 



Founded in 1931, CLAYENS NP specialises in the transformation of high-performance polymers, composites and precision metal parts.

From the project phase to production, CLAYENS NP knows how to provide a solution adapted to each of its customers, with an R&D approach for some of them. Recognised know-how quality led to a diversified customer portfolio, including many key accounts in all activity sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, electricity, health, etc.

CLAYENS NP has 2,700 employees at 18 sites in France, Germany, Eastern Europe, North Africa and Mexico.


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