Packaging pharmaceutique

CLAYENS's Healthcare division is a leading pharmaceutical packaging producer thanks to the performance of its manufacturing facilities and the trust of major pharmaceutical partners. Our expertise is currently benefiting a wide range of pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications.


Injectable drug delivery systems (primary packaging

Leading pharmaceutical companies request our expertise for the manufacture of injectable drug delivery systems. In particular, we manufacture auto-injectors (for the injection of viscous drugs, as well as for the injection of emergency treatments). Our know-how also extends to primary packaging. We are able to meet the most stringent requirements for injectable drug delivery systems, as demonstrated by our ready-to-fill COC syringe.

Secondary packaging

Thanks to our expertise in pharmaceutical packaging and our production capacity, we manufacture syringe packaging components known as Tubs (packaging containers) and Nests (packaging trays) at several of our sites (in Mexico, France and Poland).

Drug delivery system components

CLAYENS’s Healthcare Division has been successfully involved in the manufacture of components for drug delivery systems for many years. Our products include spray system components, such as pumps, sprays, special nozzles and inhalers. We also manufacture safety systems for syringes (caps), finger rests and plunger rods.

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Packaging pharmaceutique