A solar power station in Clayens NP Morocco

CNP Morocco

In March, Clayens NP Morocco installed a solar photovoltaic power plant that covers its entire roof.

Composed of 560 photovoltaic panels and valorizing 100% of the available space (2612m²), in self-consumption (produced and directly consumed by Clayens NP Morocco); the power of this plant is 271,6kWp.

5 inverters of 40KVA generate 400MWh/year; to date Clayens NP Morocco consumes approximately 4400MWh/year this production will cover 10% of the consumption of the factory.

287,2 TeqCO2 of avoided carbon emissions, that is to say a 9% reduction of the carbon balance for Clayens NP Morocco.

This reduction contributes to a 1.4% decrease in the Clayens group's carbon footprint.

In a context where the cost of energy is constantly increasing, Clayens NP Morocco has chosen to limit the impact of tariff increases and preserve the environment!

The Moroccan government acts in favor of this type of investment to push companies to invest in renewable energy. Clayens NP Morocco has received a subsidy from the state for the construction of this plant.

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