New dedicated ISO7 area at CLAYENS NP Plastibell for the manufacture of an innovative ophthalmic delivery device.

Clayens NP Plastibell

CLAYENS NP Plastibell has been selected by an international player in the field of minimally invasive ophthalmic implants to develop, industrialize and manufacture the device that will enable an implant to be placed in the eye during eye surgery.

The flexible implant is deposited to allow drainage and thus reduce ocular pressure. It is introduced using a dedicated injector, for which CLAYENS NP Plastibell has developed a specific manufacturing area.

This injector consists of 6 injected plastic parts, some of which are also stamped, which are then assembled in a semi-automatic process with two metal components, before being checked, blister-packed and finally sterilized, all in an ISO7 environment.

The new ISO7 area at the Izernore site, equipped with specific extraction systems linked to the assembly process, was specially designed for this project. "This development and the associated investments are in line with the CLAYENS group's strategy in the healthcare field to support customers in innovative projects requiring multiple and complex technologies with international stakes," explains Mickael ROUACH, Healthcare Sales Manager.

This product completes the range of ophthalmic delivery devices manufactured by Clayens NP Plastibell and strengthens its expertise in medical devices related to eye surgery.

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NP Plastibell, part of the Clayens Group, offers coherent and comprehensive support to healthcare players for the development, industrialization and manufacturing of their medical devices and plastic components, in compliance with international regulatory requirements. The Clayens Group supports its customers in the medical sector (medical devices, pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies) from idea to product: design, prototyping, industrialization, qualification and validation, regulatory support and production with 7 manufacturing sites in France, Mexico and Poland, including 7 ISO7 clean rooms.

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