Awareness campaign against breast cancer Clayens NP Tunisia

Octobre rose

Coordinated by the Regional Health Directorate of Ben Arous, a team of midwives went to the site of Clayens NP Tunisia to conduct an awareness campaign on the risks of breast cancer.

he campaign "Pink October" takes place every year throughout the Tunisian territory with prevention and screening actions. Health caravans are planned to cross many cities in the country and offer free clinical examinations in several health centers.

In a few figures:

It should be known that in Tunisia; 2,200 cases of breast cancer are reported each year according to the Ministry of Health.

This number has doubled in 20 years with an average age of 48 years.

65% of women affected are between 45 and 55 years old, survival often depends on the size of the tumor, hence the importance of early detection.

Clayens NP Tunisia, offers its employees a day of prevention, but also a beautiful event all in pink with flowers, pink ribbons and macarons !