Weight reduction

One of the principal factors in reducing greenhouse gas emission. Clayens NP masters implementation of a wide range of high-performance plastics and composites used in different transport modes such as vehicular, air or rail; these materials are likely to replace existing heavier materials.
Incorporation of SIMONIN has enabled us to extend our metal plastic transformation offer and to effectively meet the aim of ensuring "right material in the right place".

Smart plastics

For several years, Clayens NP has been a major stakeholder in 3D MID. We offer the MID process best adapted to your needs: LDS (LPKF®), bi-material and, above all, PowerMID®. The MID system developed by Clayens NP allows both production of truly 3D circuits and intensities up to 1A/mm². PowerMID® is covered by a number of patents.
Clayens NP is a member of the 3-D MID e.V. international association. However, Smarts Plastics are also circuits printed on PC, TPU, etc. sheets. After forming, these are integrated into 3D structures. Clayens NP, a TERASEL European project partner, can offer you original solutions for truly 3D electronic circuits as well as more user-friendly interface.

Tomorrow's materials

Clayens NP transforms both thermoplastic composites and thermosets, and masters processes as varied as injection, compression, stamping and thermoforming.
But, above all, we want to offer you the best solutions, tailored to your technical and financial needs. This is why we are studying new production technologies involving combination of processes and materials: injection/compression - TP/TS overmolding - plastic/metal overmolding, etc.
Clayens NP contributes to development of new materials in conjunction with raw material suppliers.
Clayens NP is a member of several competitiveness clusters including EMC2, Plastipolis, Tenerrdis.



Since its initial ISO ISO, the Clayens NP Group has committed to improving its product development process in accordance with its ISO TS16949 – ISO 9001 – EN9100 – ISO13485 certifications. Its multidisciplinary project teams, operating from French and German development centres, are designed to conceive and implement product/process development programmes in every business sector including car manufacturing – industrial production – aircraft manufacturing – medical applications.

Design and simulation

Our co-development process embodies the use of design tools such as CATIA V5 – PTC CREO – SIEMENS NX – SolidWorks. Implementation of product/process simulation tools (e.g. ABAQUS - MOLDFLOW) enables us to optimize concept robustness prior to industrialization. The multidisciplinary make-up of our teams, born of our industrial know-how in areas embracing implementation of plastics and composites, metal cutting, connection technology, electronics and harness manufacturing, positions the Group as a major partner in mechatronic product development.
We can therefore offer you a comprehensive service ranging from conceptual design, through mold-making and peripheral fabrication, all the way through to the tested finished product.

Testing and validation

Clayens NP Group's different laboratories are equipped with physical chemical, mechanical, ultrasound, liquid penetrant and X-ray non-destructive testing (NDT) systems.
They test all new products designed by our R&D teams and drive the necessary qualification schedules in order to offer customers products that meet their quality requirements.
Our laboratories are located at the crossroads of the Group's disciplines and possess a powerful validation capacity to guarantee the quality of complex functions.



The Clayens NP Group's R&D teams are not only involved in a number of research programmes aimed at improving our industrial processes, but also ensure introduction of innovative methods designed to enhance the quality and competitiveness of our production tool.
We design and engineer all our specific processes, including strip or bulk overmolding, integrated or post-operation assembly, welding, decoration and inspection.

Development (Lean manufacturing)

Internal development or engineering operations performed by the Group's organization and methods teams effectively guarantee integration of existing cutting edge technologies into the systems we implement to provide our customers with the manufacturing process that best meets the technical financial needs.


Our development quality team implements all quality processes to qualify the production resources and methods developed by us. Our Group is committed to a continuous improvement process aimed at placing or production tool at the forefront with respect to our customers' QCDT requirements.

Control (instrumentation and running)

Control of quality and costs also depends on monitoring the various process stages and parameters.
Our participation in Conformal Cooling and mould instrumentation projects embodies our wish to ensure the traceability essential to the constancy of quality expected by our customers in relation to their products