Founded in 1931 near Lyon, France, our founding company, NIEF, began by manufacturing electrical switchgears, integrating thermoset materials as insulation. By 1960, NIEF was exclusively dedicated to transforming thermoplastic polymers and thermosets. Over the years, we have continued our growth and development and, with the full support of our shareholder Sintex Industries, we have become a world leader in processing advanced polymers, composites and precision metal parts.

Acquisition of the PLASTIC company, near Lyon, a manufacturer of injected and extruded thermoplastic components. NIEF S.A. becomes NIEF PLASTIC S.A.

Acquisition of ENGINEERING THERMOSETS, located near Lyon, manufacturer of injected and compressed thermoset components, integrated into NIEF PLASTIC in 1994.

Acquisition of THERMODOLE in Dole, France, specialist manufacturer of injected and compressed thermoset components.

Acquisition of MAF PLASTIQUES, in Belmont, France, renamed NP SAVOIE, specialist manufacturer of injected thermoplastic and thermoset components.

Acquisition of LMT in Doussard, France, specialist manufacturer of small injected thermoplastic components, integrated into NP SAVOIE.
NIEF PLASTIC diversifies by acquiring SIROCO, a specialist manufacturer of heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems for special vehicles, adding its exclusive range of products and in-house R&D resources.

Acquisition and integration of SIMAP, France, specializing in injected thermoplastic components.
Acquisition of EUROGEST in Saint Dié, France, specialist manufacturer of injected and compressed thermoset components.

Acquisition and integration of mold manufacturer BURDEP in Bron, France, reinforcing NIEF PLASTIC's mold maintenance capacities.

Founding of NP HUNGARIA KFT, NIEF PLASTIC's Hungarian subsidiary specializing in injected thermoplastic and thermoset parts and compressed thermoset parts for the Central and Eastern European market (Hungary, Poland, Slovakia).

Acquisition of SEFNA in Cambrai, France, which becomes NP NORD, specializing in high-capacity thermoplastic injection and painting.
Acquisition of PAROLAI, renamed PAROLAI STIL’ECO, in Grenoble, France, increasing diversification plant.
Acquisition of FAURECIA in SENONES, France, renamed NP VOSGES, a manufacturer of high-capacity thermoset injection and complementary products.

Acquisition of ISTROCHEM Group, a subsidiary of ISTROCHEM PLASTY in Bratislava, Slovakia, renamed NP SLOVAKIA SRO, a thermoplastic injection manufacturer.

Founding of a NIEF PLASTIC subsidiary, NP TUNISIA, specializing in making injected thermoplastic components.
Moves NPH.

Acquisition of SEGAPLAST company in Beauchastel, France, a thermoplastic injection specialist making small components and its subsidiary, SEGAPLAST MAROC in Casablanca, Morocco.
NP VOSGES moves to St-Dié, France and merges with EUROGEST, renamed NP VOSGES.

SINTEX LTD, an Indian group with €300m in revenues, employing 4,000 people, listed on the Mumbai stock exchange for 75 years and controlled by the PATEL family, acquires 100% of SINTEX NP Group. Gilles NIEF remains CEO of SINTEX NP Group. The SINTEX strategy is to establish a plastics transformation group offering a wide portfolio of products and services to major companies in the automotive, electrical and electromechanical sectors worldwide.
SINTEX acquires two North American companies, WAUSAUKEE COMPOSITES and NERO.
Acquisition of Indian group BRIGHT BROTHERS, with its three automotive production sites near New Delhi, Pune and Chemai.

Acquisition of AIP in Chassieu, France, adding design, industrialization and production capabilities for manufacturing complete sub-assemblies and machining components , thermoformed, plated and injected thermoplastic polymers.

Acquisition of SIMOP in Dole, France specializing in manufacturing complex thermoplastic pinions.
Acquisition of SICMO in Dole, Jura specializing in mold-making for plastics, metal alloys and ceramics.

Acquisition of CODEP in Decines, France, integrated into SINTEX NP Group. Asset acquisition of POSCHMANN GmbH in Brilon, Germany, specializing in thermoset and thermoplastic injection.
Acquisition of POSCHMANN POLSKA by SINTEX NP SAS in Tychy, Poland, also specializing in thermoplastic and thermoset injection.
Merger and integration of SIMOP by THERMODOLE, which becomes NP JURA after consolidation of two Dôle-based subsidiaries within SIMOP.

The NIEF PLASTIC corporate name becomes SINTEX NP.
Acquisition of the SIMONIN Group employing 500 people at five sites (three in Besançon, France, one near Rennes and one in Morocco in Mohammedia). The company brings its know-how in metallurgy, plastics transformation and electronics (cutting, injection, springs, connector technology and harnesses) to SINTEX NP, extending our multi-technological offer to our customers.


SINTEX NP changes shareholders with the arrival of a new pool of investors managed by SIPAREX.


SINTEX NP becomes Clayens NP