An effective management policy (Environment and Energy Policy , Health and Safety Policy) led by the company's internal Environment, Health & Safety and Energy Commission, has been implemented to pursue this action.

Involvement of all company personnel in this has enabled us to obtain ISO 14001 in 201, OHSAS 18001 in 2005 and ISO 50001 in 2017. Our management systems ensure that we achieve our objectives based on a continuous improvement rationale (see

For this reason, it was logical for us to join GLOBAL COMPACT (commitment letter to UN) (Commitment letter 2020) and to adhere to its basic principles.



The aim of this organization is to promote respect for human rights, working conditions and environmental protection in corporate business operations and our company is already fully involved in such action.

This allows us to assert our corporate citizen ship combining financial, social and environmental challenges.

We therefore take part in the necessary efforts to ensure society's sustainable development and we wish to continue in this direction.


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